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Stone Sealing
Natural stone such as sandstone is a very porous stone these types of stone absorb liquids relatively quickly, while denser igneous stones such as granite are significantly less porous. They absorb smaller volumes, and more slowly, especially when absorbing viscous liquids. With the application of a surface treatment natural stone is protected against retard staining and corrosion.

Stone Polishing
Producing a "high gloss luster" on the stone after polishing correctly with care and the correct equipment. Traffic or worn areas can be re-polished at needed intervals to maintain an indefinite high gloss finish. It is important to note the high gloss finish is part of the stone surface and is not the sealer. Stone should be first sealed (read above) and then finished off with polishing.


Stone honing
This technique will remove scratches, etches or worn areas and produce a "consistent satin luster". Stone Floor Tile Restoration use modified abrasives and compounds for achieving unique satin finishes on natural stone. During manufacturing and transport abrasions, fill residue can affect the quality of the stone. These can be removed from the stone with refinement and honing presenting the stone in quality form.

Stone Grinding
Remove high, uneven tile edges otherwise know as "lippage" This causes the tiled area to look scruffy, leaves gaps for dirt and grime to accumulate and allows liquids to get in between the stone causing damage. The degree of grinding can range from selective abrading to put floors in "code" (a "partial grind"), or complete grinding, achieving a flush monolithic surface (a "full grind"). This eight-to-ten step abrasive process can be done on individual tiles or to entire floors.

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We provide a full range of stone care and restoration services across Norfolk and Suffolk. Including but not limited to: Tile cleaning, Stone Cleaning, Hard Floor Cleaning, Grout Colouring, Grout Cleaning, Tile Floor Washing, Stone and Grout Washing Mosaic tile cleaning, Mosaic tile washing, Stone Mosaic Cleaning, Efflorescence cleaning removal, Linoleum Floor Clean & Polish Clean & Polish, Vinyl Floor Clean & Polishing, Flooring Clean & Polishing, Re-grouting, Grout Haze Removal, Marble Cleaning Polishing, Marble Scratch repairs, Cracked Tile Replacement removal (smooth uneven tiles), Stone Fireplace clean and seal.

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