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We Provide The Most Efficient Tile, Natural Stone, Artificial Stone and Grout Floor Cleaning (Stone Restoration) and Sealing Services Available in Norfolk and Suffolk for Domestic and Commercial!…

Whether you have a natural stone, masonry, Slate tile, Limestone tile, Sandstone tile,Porcelain tile, Quarry Tiles, Travertine stone tiles, Stone Marble tiles, Terrazzo hard floor, Terracotta tiles, Ceramic tiles, Mosaic tiles, Edwardian tiles, Victorian tiles, Natural stone Mosaic, Concrete Cement, Linoleum Floor, Amtico Hard Floor, Karndean floor or any type of tile stone hard flooring we can clean, polish and re-seal it for you to an amazing looking condition. With Tile Stone Grout Cleaning Norfolk and Suffolk (stone restoration services) you’ll get the best stone tile and grout cleaning and polishing service in Norfolk and Suffolk.


We are fully trained and experienced in cleaning, sealing and restoring all natural and artificial stone floors. We deep clean, seal, repair and fully restore all types of stone floors, work surfaces and fire surrounds. We do not clean carpets and only specialise in stone floor cleaning. As a process to cleaning and restoring stone floors, it is not always necessary to use diamond pads to grind natural stone floors, it all depends on the condition of each floor. Diamond grinding on natural stone floors should only take place when the stone has lipage or is deeply scratched or etched. Most stone floors only need deep cleaning, grout cleaning and sealing with the correct products. Diamond grinding natural stone floors can be expensive, so contact Stone Floor Tile Restoration for advice. We will fully restore your floors the correct way and will only diamond grind floors if necessary. We will also fully hone and polish your stone floors if required. We cover all types of natural and artificial stone floors including marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, terracotta, porcelain, Victorian floor tiles plus many more. We also clean and seal worktops. We only clean, restore and seal natural and artificial stone floors, worktops and fire surrounds. Stone Floor Tile Restoration restoring the beauty of all stone floors.

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Tile Stone Grout Cleaning Norfolk and Suffolk are fully experienced in cleaning and restoring natural stone/tile, artificial stone and grout cleaning throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. Our stone tile cleaners in Norfolk and Suffolk have the best training on the market, and are insured to ALL risks for your peace of mind. We believe in everything we do with stone tiles and grout is the best service money can buy, when it comes to tile/natural stone, hard floors and grout clean,strip , polish and re-seal. Using the best machinery and the best stone cleaning products available on stone tile market. We clean natural stone, tile and hard floors and walls for domestic & commercial across Norfolk and Suffolk. Try our professional tile and grout cleaning services in you will not be disappointed. Trained by the best stone tile and grout cleaning and restoration company’s in UK and Italy. Providing us with equipment and materials to make sure we are cleaning tile stone and grout in Norfolk and Suffolk to professional standards.

Providers of stone and grout maintenance across Norfolk and Suffolk..

Complete Peace Of Mind

When using our tile/stone and Grout cleaning and polishing services in Norfolk and Suffolk you can have complete peace of mind. Because we ONLY use the best machinery and the BEST stone and tile cleaning products money can buy. We go to regular training keeping us at the top when it comes to cleaning and restoring stone surfaces and Grout.

Stone tile and hard floor Health And Safety

At Tile Stone Grout Cleaning Norfolk and Suffolk we take health and safety very seriously. Because we believe in following all the laws and regulations it comes to doing a SAFE effective job EVERYTIME.

Clean Or Replace?

This is a question that many customers think before hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning company. MOST tiles and grouts can be cleaned or restored very close to their original condition. If you are not sure the standard that you WILL expect from the cleaning please phone Tile Stone Grout Cleaning Norfolk and Suffolk. We will happily communicate with you over the phone and via email to give you a FREE quote and the BEST advice regarding the standards you will expect from our Norfolk and Suffolk stone cleaning and restoration services. As replacing is VERY expensive the cost effective way is having a professional cleaning and restoration company such as ourselves to clean and restore your tiles and grouts to perfection.

Mistake Made By People

Going out to your local supermarket and using their products to try and clean tile and grouts is a mistake made by some people. The results are poor and and are a waste of time and money. Supermarket products will not produce the same results as using a professional tile and grout cleaning company. This couldn’t be more of a mistake. Reason being because supermarket products are NOT to the same standard and level as products used by Tile Stone Grout Cleaning Norfolk and Suffolk. If you want the BEST results on your tile/stone and grout cleaning you HAVE to hire a professional company to do the work for you. The results are a LOT lower when you do the cleaning yourself. Because of lack of experience, training, wrong products etc. But if you still want to take the risks and achieve lower standards of work and need some FREE advice. Tile Stone Grout Cleaning Norfolk and Suffolk are more than happy to assist you. But we do tell people please be careful because when work goes wrong the damage can run into thousands.

Why Does Your Grout Get So Dirty

We find that many of our customers ask why their grouting gets so dirty. There maybe various reasons for this, but because grout by nature is very porous it will absorb dirty liquids and grime very easily. The best option is have your stone floors and grout sealed regularly keeping them in a good clean condition.

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