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Specialist deep cleaning for your tiles, stone surfaces and grout. Cleaning and re-sealing services in Norfolk and Suffolk providing the best stone deep cleaning.

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Revitalise your stone surfaces and floor tiles removing ingrained dirt, old layers of polish, sealer's and the build up of maintenance products. Our specialist deep cleaning process will restore your stone to its natural beauty. Regular mopping, with soap and water, does not remove ingrained liquids, stains, dirt and grime. This is why you need to have the stone professionally deep cleaned for great lasting results. Finishing the deep cleaning process we apply a high quality sealer to protect your surfaces and keep them looking like new.

We provide professional floor tile cleaning with excellence. Your floor tiles will gain a new lease of life reinvigorating your living space. We have many regular clients that return to us for our services.

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1. We inspect your stone and grout floor:
This is to identify any limitations like stain removal, loss of loose grout surrounding surfaces sensitive to cleaning solutions and any other areas that needs consideration before the cleaning starts.

2. We protect your walls and furniture:
This is to limit over-spray on to sensitive areas during the stone and grout cleaning process. Please note no guarantee can be made that materials that is extremely sensitive to moisture might not show some form of exposure to our cleaning solutions.

3. We will remove any Dry soil before the Cleaning Process:
We will remove any dry soil and dirt before any water based cleaning takes place. Apply cleaning solution to the floor/wall: This can be by means of sprayer or directly from a container with pre-mixed cleaning solutions.

4. Cleaning stone and grout Agitation:
This is done by means of a rotary cleaning machine or by hand depending on the areas to be cleaned.

5. Impregnator Sealer:
After the floor dry out, we Apply of a top quality impregnator to reduce the porosity of the sandstone tile and grout. The Impregnator penetrates below the surface of the stone and grout and act as a repellent for any liquid based spills, and also make on-going maintenance easier. Applying impregnator to stone/grout will allow for a natural (matt) finish to the stone and grout.

Clean, repair and restore bathroom tiles, kitchen surfaces, stone floors, fire surrounds. Our deep cleaning process will insure your stone is restored to its prime condition. Please contcat us today for a free no obligation inspection survey.

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